High speed rail WiFi is expected to be put into operation in December loading test winlinez

High iron WiFi is expected to put into operation in December is the original title: high iron loading test on surf the Internet on 24 August, the Xinhua news agency point the day and await for it in Chengdu (reporter Chen Di) high-speed rail passenger only through the APP mobile application, Internet browsing, information can be sent, in addition to the more than and 30 watch live TV – this is not a dream by WiFi flow but the real point the day and await for it. For passengers who often take high-speed rail, poor network signal has been very distressing. China Electronic Technology Group Corporation twenty-ninth Institute of the development of high-speed rail loaded on the satellite transceiver equipment, has completed loading and waiting for further testing, is expected to be operational by the end of the year. It is understood that due to the high speed of electromagnetic waves penetrate the vehicle body loss, Doppler frequency offset and frequent switching of the base station and other reasons, resulting in cell phone signals often broken line, the effect of data services is not ideal. According to Wang Hailong, deputy director of the center for the development of twenty-nine products, the technology originated in the military field armored, square and other military vehicles on the satellite communications. In early 2015, under the strategic background of military and civilian integration and strong support of the National Defense Industry Office of Sichuan Province, the establishment of the wisdom of the high-speed rail Internet industry incubator team in, efforts to apply this technology in the field of civil. After 1 years of development, in March 2016, the R & D team delivered the first prototype for testing display, July, "Chinese standard EMU high-speed Internet intelligence system" in its successful completion of the loading, and wait for further test. At present, China’s fastest high-speed rail is about 350 kilometers per hour, this technology can meet the speed of 500 kilometers per hour without any impact on the internet." Twenty-nine senior engineer Zhang Jie said that, in addition, the number of users set up to 700 people, the current high-speed rail car can take the number of passengers of about 560 people, fully able to accommodate all passengers at the same time access to 8. It is reported that, at the beginning of 5 high-speed trains are the most extreme cold loading of Harbin Dalian line, tunnel and bridge up to the great west line, Zheng Xu line for further testing, is expected to put into operation in December, and gradually expand the coverage in china.相关的主题文章:

Eom Hongsig cut positions! God or heart shaved in a moment of disillusionment pigeon blood

Eom Hongsig cut positions! God or heart shaved in a moment of disillusionment lead: say "buzz is the only criterion to test the handsome, but also from Korea Obama this test. In-Sung Zo, Won Bin handsome out of the sky, and then, but they have shot in the middle of the gun, but in the middle of the gun, and then, in the middle of the day, the…… (source: posters fashion network) recruits a crew cut to ask what love beans pickled cabbage male afraid? Answers must ultimately "enlisted crew cut" this one. Many in the spotlight with the aura of a male god, will reveal the hairline position, was immediately back to earth, severity and makeup be roughly the same. No wonder they say "cut speculation" is the only standard to measure the handsome men of God who finished, photos, posters weave choose silently agree with the truth. Eom Hongsig Eom Hongsig said recently cut a buzz of the pickled cabbage — Eom Hongsig Obama, just after the 30 birthday of his SNS upload a "buzz round" soap flakes wearing fur coat and a white T-shirt, a good Man. With his exclusive expression, a rebellious school "carry handle" around. Eom Hongsig active cut into a round inch can’t bear to doubt, Eom Hongsig is really want to join the army? Eom Hongsig was born 86 years old this year, has been at the age of 30, kimchi state provisions in the military service before the age of 30, according to the normal reasoning, this year should be his last years of enlistment. In fact, Eom Hongsig from the beginning of last year, Eom Hongsig will have enlisted military service this year, but the last two years, the brother is too general, acting with open hanging, won several awards, almost make people forget he hasn’t served this thing. He recently received a partner Wuli Jiangdong Shimoto’s new movie "Burning", in November boot, when the army has become a mystery, do not know if the cut is not a signal? Gang Dong Won Eom Hongsig read Eom Hongsig Obama "round inch head, we have to start an important task –" today with pickled cabbage Obama yen value test". In order to facilitate you better "consumption", the male gods poster weave is divided into 4 camps, quick cut the buzz "your love" which hung? [] the camp is still handsome first send you "buzz Obama in excellence, others cut finished ugly to the explosion, they used a yen value proved what is called" the true god". Position not only in their values Yan injury degree low, and also adds more charm, poster weave said after watching the blood slot is empty! In-Sung Zo In-Sung Zo has really let boys admire the magic legs Yan Zan, do not want people to sissy Man married. After the army cut position did not affect his charm, a word not just staged a uniform temptation, such a "buzz metrosexual man" please give me a call! In fact, In-Sung Zo before enlisting in the army, In-Sung Zo had other positions, when he was in the "mean street" in the gang eldest brother "Zhao Bingdou", a suit cut cut, man left the street passers-by. But unfortunately, Obama legs in this movie but was finally betrayed brother murdered, the poster weave was snivel saw finally. "Despicable Street" In-Sung Zo "?相关的主题文章:

Youku $8 million to buy Korean version of startling step by step has reached 13 of the cost of produ mkdv-02

Youku $8 million to buy Korean version of "startling step by step has reached 13 of the cost of making" each reporter Li Feifei intern reporter Du Yu; Youku playback volume over 400 million, micro-blog on number 146 thousand, by one of the three biggest entertainment company in Korea – Mango Entertainment Limited company YG entertainment company, Hunan radio and television (hereinafter referred to as the mango and Universal Pictures Entertainment) the Korean version of "investment shooting" released a startling step by step, since the heat continues to heat up. South Korea to buy the copyright Chinese remake drama was not new, especially the Korean version of "" the startling step by step and synchronous broadcast mode network station linkage, Youku ho throw $8 million up broadcast rights also hit Korean copyright purchase price of the most. Behind the high price of broadcast rights, the Korean version of "" startling step by step although heat rising, but the reputation is less than expected, watercress score only 6.2 points. At the same time, according to Taotao Amoy movie statistics, last week South Korea ratings fell from 7% to 5.4%, was ranked at the bottom of the ratings. It is worth mentioning that, through this drama, the "daily economic news" reporter noted that the Korean unique profit model, different from the domestic market to China remake of Korean, Korean "startling step by step" is to prove safety China overseas market. Whether it is from the composition of the investment or synchronized broadcast mode, the play a faction to buy your copyright also want to earn your money attitude. According to reporter estimates, the single gifted out of $8 million, it has reached the drama production cost of 1/3. The $8 million repurchase remake original "startling step by step" adapted from the same name Donghwasa novel, in 2011 by the Shanghai Chinese film production Ltd., with an average of 1.72% ratings of the same year won the TV ratings king. It is worth noting that, after the play in South Korea’s cable television broadcast also triggered a boom. The show, one of the three most popular Korean dramas in South Korea, has been ranked by Naver, South Korea’s biggest search site. In June 2015, South Korea SBS TV to buy a "startling step by step the right of adaptation and announced" will be launched in 2016. It is worth mentioning that, can be described as "Korean" startling step by step investment luxury lineup. The "daily economic news" reporter found out, in addition to one of three big Korean entertainment company YG entertainment, mango entertainment and universal pictures also appear in the investment volume in the square, of which the United States is the first universal investment drama works in asia. High heat IP works, Star Investment blessing, "Korean" startling step by step before the launch will be very hot. According to South Korea, "Asian daily" reported that the play to $400 thousand per set ($8 million) more than the price will be sold to Youku video broadcast rights, breaking the $250 thousand purchase of Iqiyi set "the sun descended" to keep the record of record of the purchase price of the Korean copyright. High price to buy the copyright naturally attracted the industry whether it is cost-effective questioned. But people familiar with a video site responsible for copyright bluntly "not high" in an interview with reporters, "the phenomenon of drama is the video site competition products, after several hot drama has brought considerable membership fee from the current data, the Korean version of" startling step by step "is also likely to become the phenomenon product grade". Youku copyright;相关的主题文章:

[sound] 5 thousand yuan complex engraved X62 because Lenovo ThinkPad play bad (video) iptd-651

[sound] 5 thousand yuan complex engraved X62 because Lenovo ThinkPad play bad? Wen Zhou Shuo "X said I don’t brag, January earnings to buy any laptop on the market is enough, but I have no desire to buy, because I can’t find can replace the hands of X62 notebook" net YSX-HK users so ThinkPad X62 expression of love of correcting machine. In the 51nb Forum’s efforts, the revision of the motherboard X62 line, fit X60, X61 series of classic case, support the 5 generation core processor and the new interface, one filled retro enthusiasts for the old ThinkPad performance needs, many netizens also expressed concern on a variety of platforms, there are a lot of people the first time to buy the modified cuanji X62 motherboard. So new everywhere today, some users are still sought after 10 years ago, the X6 series, they in the end what is it? Since the birth of anti Lenovo sentiment engraved since 24 years before the launch of IBM ThinkPad’s first ThinkPad 700C notebook products, has a group of highly viscous black powder around. Especially after the acquisition by Lenovo ThinkPad in China comprehensive market spread, because of more ordinary users to contact the ThinkPad products in the domestic, for the little black discussion in the major websites and forums are becoming more common warm. For the black powder, a second attempt to break the original design to innovation at the same time in Lenovo, there is also a long-standing argument in the hearts of black powder: ingrained is Lenovo’s acquisition of ThinkPad has not previously been black, TP Lenovo brand is playing bad! Every time we see the ThinkPad articles, the following message area will have friends bring Lenovo to TP brand play bad argument, some netizens language fierce even more than you can imagine, the idea is not a handful of people accused of abetting an impression, but users are widely accepted, I understand that this is a anti Lenovo mood, more accurately speaking is a kind of emotional association under the ThinkPad operation. This kind of mood directly led to the need for the old ThinkPad complex engraved. This year 51nb notebook launched a classic X6 series engraved version of X62, a time attracted hundreds of fans closely discussed. In fact, X62 does not exist in the history of ThinkPad, as a tribute to X60 and X61 series of products in a way, producers and fans will be re engraved version named X62. Look at the 51nb forum, which is full of assembly tutorials, use the experience, black apple share, hands-on ability will send a friend to buy stickers, good fun. You can feel from the post to the black powder for replica of X62’s favorite. For now Lenovo, senior ThinkPad powder seems to have always said. "There is a business ingenuity, not love these things now." With other brands of the machine is too serious homogenization, no TP heritage. X2xx series and X1 series can not be separated from other brands, it is difficult to achieve the old TP era Hui相关的主题文章:

Beijing media Tsinghua teachers cheated 17 million 600 thousand from selling and borrowing htc802w

Beijing media: Tsinghua teachers cheated 17 million 600 thousand from the sale of the house and the borrower after the incident, the unit to live downstairs to strengthen security measures. Recently, Tsinghua University, a teacher who was "swept away" telecommunications fraud 17 million 600 thousand yuan caused widespread concern. In addition to the fraud itself, the teachers "net worth over ten million" has become a lot of people to discuss the topic, Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that, at present there is no evidence pointing to the money source, cheated 17 million 600 thousand yuan is a part of the sale of property income, the other part is borrowed from others. In addition, BYD reporter learned that the teacher is a typical experience of "posing as public security of telecommunications fraud, the fraud Gang posing as government departments and staff through the" word "guide swindled money into security account". Although in recent years, the police and banks have done a lot of publicity in the prevention of such telecommunications fraud, but it was accidentally fooled. The source of the legitimacy of the money cheated? In August 31st, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter found that living in the laqiying teacher cheated 8 residential buildings nearby, compared to the day before yesterday, the two or three new security unit downstairs. Security said that due to the residents to reflect the recent visit to the area more staff, affecting the normal life of the residents, so specially strengthened patrols. At the same time, a number of residents in the district revealed that there are 8 public security organs in the morning to the staff, should be asked to be a fraud." One resident added. District residents, lanqiying area was built in 1998, mainly to the Tsinghua University and the Peking University which houses two university teachers, not for sale. One resident told reporters BYD: fraud teacher unit building both Tsinghua teachers also have a university teacher, but the building is generally to the high professional title teacher." After the scandal, many netizens questioned: 17 million 600 thousand yuan is not a small sum of money, a university teacher telecommunications fraud was so much, the source is legitimate? BYD reporter learned that, Tsinghua teacher telecommunications fraud was the 17 million 600 thousand yuan, is part of the sale of a property income, another part is borrowed from other people. The police are also pointed out that the source of money is not cheated is not legitimate. The residential units in the building have deceived anti fraud alert. The residential units in the building have deceived anti fraud alert. Real estate intermediary Department was informed that BYD reporters from lanqiying area surrounding, laqiying residential houses within the district are relatively new, the size of 90 square metres of housing, but the "lanqiying area belongs to the Tsinghua University internal property, only rent, not foreign sales, to buy only private communication". Intermediary, lanqiying area two bedroom monthly rent of 10 thousand yuan to 15 thousand yuan. In addition, BYD reporter noted, and the district is located in the same area Huaqingjiayuan area, the average price of 80 thousand yuan square meters. There is news that the teacher cheated sale is a residential real estate willow. Real estate intermediary said, Wanliu communities currently houses is the best of the Haidian District school district room. Intermediary told reporters BYD, Wanliu community housing is relatively new, the average price of 100 thousand yuan square meters, "a little higher in the 130 thousand yuan per square meter". Intermediary to explain, because the school district Wanliu community primary school!相关的主题文章:

Apple App Store joined Alipay ios910 all payment options borderland

Since the apple App Store joined Alipay iOS9 10 payment options have been used in all, users buy apple App Store are required to bind bank card to complete. But now the good news came, the apple just push the official version iOS10.1.1 and iOS10.2 developer preview version of Beta1 firmware, domestic users long-awaited Alipay payment was finally added to the iOS system, that is to say we will be more convenient for the direct use of Alipay App Store to complete the operation of shopping. After joining Alipay payment function, users will be more convenient to buy, buy music and movies, in the iTunes Store in App Store and iOS10 iOS9 reported earlier, even if not update can also use this function. Specific operation method is as follows: iTunes Store and App Store users found in open settings, click the Apple ID and select View Apple ID, click on the payment information will find payment in a new "Alipay Alipay" option. After selection, 5 bit input Alipay account and identity card number, the account bound mobile phone number will receive a verification code, then enter the verification code, Alipay account can be successful in iTunes& App Store opened Alipay free secret payments. Now, Apple has finally realized the needs of domestic users, after joining Alipay payment, believe apple App Store revenue will also be on the floor again, if you are a iPhone user, you may wish to pick up the mobile phone binding Alipay!相关的主题文章: